Your website is your most important marketing tool

Your website is now your most important marketing tool, and the central hub of all your digital marketing efforts.

In order for it to remain effective and competitive you are going to need to continue developing it, measuring results and optimising, as you would with any other marketing channel.

This could take the form of writing and publishing engaging blog posts relevant to your industry. You can then use this content in your email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. Blogging is also the number 1 way to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

You can also use your website as a tool for collecting potential customers / clients contact details by offering them a freebie in exchange for their email addresses. They’re then on your mailing list and you can begin nurturing these potential customers.Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to turn fresh leads into customers.

You can use that same freebie to create a Facebook Ads campaign to lure people to your website. Then using a Facebook Pixel that you set up on your website you can then create a Facebook Ad that directly targets the people who’ve just visited your website, creating a message that speaks directly to them and makes them feel special.

Do you see how a website is the central point of all these online marketing campaigns? Its where all your social media, email marketing and Google Ads campaigns lead to. The opportunities are endless.

So make sure you start treating your website with the respect it deserves. It is such a great way to grow your business.

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