When Ruby changed her name to Nutmeg

Ruby Design Studio has a new name and identity – welcome to Nutmeg Web Studio.

Those who have been following me for some time now might have noticed that I’ve made a few changes to my business since launching in 2017. I put this down to being a creative and curious person who has been experimenting in my quest to discover more…

If you read my new about page here, you’ll learn that I launched this business in the midst of caring for a baby full time. I simply didn’t have the resources to invest in professional branding, so I created my own brand, at a time when I knew little about running a business and even less about what direction I wanted my business to go in. I just knew I needed to start somewhere in order to move forwards, so that’s what I did.

Why Nutmeg?

I originally wanted to call my business Nutmeg, but for some reason that I can’t remember now, I chose to call it Ruby Studio instead.

As I’ve learned more about growing and running a business, I’ve also discovered that I want a more personal brand, one that is more closely aligned with who I am and who I want to work with. I didn’t want to use my own name (Meg Hodson) because I want to keep this for my photography business.

Creating Nutmeg

I want a website and brand that has a delicious and charming user-experience. A minimal and clean user interface with pops of bright, optimistic colours. Fresh, vibrant and modern.

These are the words I use to describe Nutmeg: Creative, uplifting, optimistic, mindful, light, bright, simplicity, kind-hearted, intelligent, aspirational and hopeful.

It took many hours to reach a point where I was 100% happy with the branding and colour palette. I experimented so much to reach the final version you’re seeing now.


In 2018, I started offering branding and digital marketing services and was positioning my business to have the one-stop agency vibe. But after much soul searching I’ve decided this is not the approach I want to take.

Time is limited. Life is short. I want to do the things that make my heart beat faster. I want to do the things I love. So Nutmeg’s main focus is on offering WordPress web design and development, eCommerce design and development and web support.

I will be taking on select branding projects and am working on one at the moment, but this will not be the core focus of what I do. I really actually love branding, but I’m still learning Adobe Illustrator, which means I’m ending up spending so much time on branding projects and thus have decided to only take on select projects that I feel I’m most suited to.

I will be offering digital marketing services to my web design clients, but not as a standalone service.

2019 goals

Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey. The clients who’ve become friends, the amazing women I’ve met along the way, the incredible online support network I’ve discovered, the collaborations I’m part of. Truly there is this remarkable revolution taking place – communities of strong, empowered women are making things happen. Building beautiful businesses, supporting each other, changing the world one small step at a time. I feel so happy to be part of it.

My plans for 2019:

  1. Stop changing my brand and website and focus on more important things, like:
  2. Growing my mailing list and investing time in building a meaningful email marketing system.
  3. Continuing to improve the web design experience for my clients. This includes implementing better ways to streamline and organise my project management system as well as keeping on top of web design best practices so I can deliver the best possible web solution for my clients.
  4. Investing in myself and my business. Focusing on keeping fit and healthy, investing in business coaching and perhaps an online course or two and upgrading my design tools.

So excited!

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