Synvita eCommerce development


Synvita is a trusted and established South African manufacturer of high quality, professional pest control product solutions for households, agriculture, public health and education centres, offices, corporate and industrial facilities. Synvita’s head office is located in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. The company distributes products in six countries.


A WordPress website with eCommerce functionality.

Why they wanted a website:

1. They wanted a clean, modern and responsive website to reflect their established brand. 2. They wanted to expand their sales channels and reach new customers via the online store. 3. They wanted to website to serve as an information portal so that all their stakeholders (including retail customers and reps) could easily access the information and product data they needed.

What I love about this website:

I love developing eCommerce stores. There is somthing so attractive about helping a business expand its reach and make the most of the digital space. I love the fresh, clean and modern design. Synvita has since told me that there customers love ordering online from the website.