Precision Piling Website Redesign


Precision Piling provide geo-contracting solutions throughout South Africa and are now focusing on growing their Piling in Africa division.


A modern, clean and responsive website.

Why they wanted a website:

Precision Piling first came to me asking whether I would help them update their static html website. I convinced them that a complete redesign would be more beneficial to their established and growing business. There old website was not responsive and the design was outdated, so I felt it important to start fresh with a completely new design that is aligned with their business goals.

What I love about this website:

Designing this website was a challenge for me because I had no knowledge of the geo-contracting industry or what sort of website Precision Piling’s stakeholders needed. I did extensive research, and together with the PRecision team, we decided on a modern, sleek, brochure-style website to enhance their brand. They loved it from the first draft, which made my job so much easier!