When Ruby changed her name to Nutmeg

Ruby Design Studio has a new name and identity – welcome to Nutmeg Web Studio. hose who have been following me for some time now might have noticed that I’ve made a few changes to my business since launching in 2017. I put this down to being a...

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Portfolio: Sam Theron’s beautiful new website

I believe that great design is rooted in simplicity. The most beautiful and striking websites are the ones that don't overwhelm. They delight with purposeful simplicity and clean, functional, user-friendly design. They provide a sense of calm and meaning amidst the...

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5 reasons people leave your website too quickly

The main reason for having a website is to grow your business – so if most of the people who land on your homepage are leaving too quickly, your website isn’t doing its job and you need to find out why. This post looks at the 5 top reasons for high bounce rates, plus how to fix. Read more

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