My name is Meg Hodson and I am a curious creative thinker who helps businesses find new ways to engage and attract customers in the digital space.


I’ve been working in digital, media and communications for over 12 years.

​My experience covers digital marketing; web, graphic and brand design; eCommerce; digital and print publishing; public relations and journalism. I have worked for publishing houses; marketing and advertising agencies in South Africa and the UK. For 10 of those years I worked for other people. I liked my jobs. They challenged me. I had great mentors who pushed me. I learned a great deal. But in my time as employee, I felt something was missing. My inner guide was calling, saying there was more to life than a stable and ‘safe’ 9-5 job.

why did i start a business?

I fell pregnant unexpectedly in 2016. This was the major life change I needed to follow my heart, think bigger and start something of my own. A few months after Emma’s birth, Nutmeg Web Co was born. I knew very little about starting and growing a business. Marketing my own start-up on a tiny budget posed a unique challenge; very different to working in a big company with marketing and advertising budgets to match.