Drawn to simplicity in a loud & chaotic world

When I reached my 30s, the penny started to drop; my life is finite and I only have so many moments left.

These questions dominated my thoughts: What’s really important; what makes my heart beat faster; what will help me live a more fulfilling and meaningful life? 

Of course, these are life’s greatest questions and it takes a lifetime to figure them out. But thinking like this led to four things: 1. I started to take much better care of myself (physically, mentally and spiritually). 2. I started to practice gratitude. 3. I quit my unfulfilling job and started my own passion-driven business. 4. I started to simplify my life, focusing on what truly matters.

How does this relate to websites?

Most people don’t have long attention spans when it comes to browsing online. They will quickly leave your website if it’s a confusing hot mess that overwhelms with too much information and no clear direction.  

In web design, simplicity means creating an experience that is psychologically comfortable (intuitive), visually calming and straightforward for the website user. Simple websites stand out as elegant, refined and beautiful. In this age of apps and electronics, many of us yearn for this simplicity. Just like in life, magical things start to happen when you simplify your online space.

I'm Meg - a coffee, colour and adventure-loving web designer.

Soon after my daughter’s birth in late 2016, I resigned and left the ‘safety’ of being an employee to pursue my passion of having my own web design / digital marketing business.  Nutmeg Web was born. 

Web design is the perfect balance of creativity and logical thinking and that’s why I love it. 

Tapping into 10+ years’ experience in web, communications and marketing, I help businesses create modern, simplified and user-friendly online spaces.

"Meg has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been understanding and responsive to all of my requests and definitely someone that I would absolutely love to work with again!"

- kiara nirghin

Now that you know a bit of my story... can I hear yours?

I begin each project with a discovery consultation. We can meet in person or virtually to talk about your plans. No obligations. Just a friendly chat.

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