My story

I built my first website in 2014

And I was hooked. It was an ambitious Shopify store that involved cataloging over 300 products from the bricks and mortar store; structuring  and setting up everything; customising the design; researching and setting up payment gateways; launching the store and then getting it to the first page of Google using a combination of on-page SEO and blogging. I loved that store. I relished the challenge and it was the most satisfying feeling in the world getting in those first few sales and seeing the store ranking. This is why I love eCommerce.

I didn’t plan to be a web designer. At university I studied Media, Marketing and Communications and then worked as a sub-editor and financial journalist in South Africa and the UK. On my return to SA, I started working at a digital agency and discovered my love for web development and digital marketing.  All in all, I’ve been working in the marketing, communications and digital space for over 12 years.  

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Why I went solo

At the end of 2016, I resigned from my agency job to have a baby. This was the life change I needed to go solo and start my own business. It’s been a challenging adventure, but one I wouldn’t change for the world. I love being my own boss.

My skills

I’m an experienced web designer who has an in-depth understanding of WordPress and Shopify. I’m a strategic thinker and love figuring out how exactly a business can benefit from digital marketing. I’m a skilled researcher, writer and photographer. I love challenges and problem solving. I have an in-depth knowledge of eCommerce growth strategies.

Five things I love

1. My family.
2. Learning new things.
3. Taking photos.
4. Arriving in new places.
5. Yoga and meditation.
ideal clients

Who I love working with

1. Growing product-based businesses that want to upgrade their online store

You’re not happy with your current online store and know it could be so much better. You know your website is the beating heart of your business and you’re ready to invest in a faster, conversion-optimised online store that doesn’t break. You also want a system that is super easy to manage, integrate, automate and scale as your business grows bigger.  You want Shopify.

2. Start-ups or bricks and mortar stores ready to sell online that want a great online store from the get go

You don’t have the time or desire to DIY your own online store. You have the budget to invest in a beautiful, fast, purpose-built online store built on the world’s most popular eCommerce platform – Shopify.

3. Businesses that want a strategic website that clearly and beautifully communicates what they're about

Perhaps you’re ashamed to send people to your current website. It’s a confusing hot mess that doesn’t do your brand an justice. I’d love to help you create a website that communicates your offering with clarity and enhances your brand. 

My Services

Turn the internet into a conversation.

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